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Götz Schmitt Group

The Götz Schmitt Group is an owner-managed group of companies with international branches, representative offices and subsidiaries.

With continuity and reliability in our trade relations, openness and curiosity, we are constantly developing new business and product fields. In doing so, we are constantly on the lookout for new suitable partners and, in the case of promising companies, also the possibility of a silent or active participation.

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Opportunities through independence and continuity

The organisational form of the Götz Schmitt Group makes it possible to arrange start-ups, company participations and the integration of promising business fields in a short time.

  • Our partner companies are economically linked to us.
  • As independent legal entities, they enjoy all the rights and obligations of an autonomous operational management.
  • Our engagements and participations are designed for the long term. Together with our partners we want to secure the continuity of our group of companies and future potentials.
Unternehmensgruppe GS Götz Schmitt GmbH
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Since 1994 we make a special effort with quality and passion for sustainable building materials made of bamboo – greener living with bamboo!

GS Götz Schmitt Company with limited liability is an internationally operating company. Our expertise in bamboo as a raw material is recognized worldwide.

JuKo International GmbH


The experience of JuKo International GmbH helps you to choose the best products and services for your company.

Benefit from additional alternatives and optimize your product range!

  • Procurement
  • Building materials / fastening technology
  • Occupational safety materials
  • Testing services (QC = Quality Control)
  • Product development


The youngest company of the GS Götz Schmitt Group with a focus on outdoor + indoor building materials based in Toronto, Canada.
The pivotal point is our on-site warehouse, from here the goods are distributed to customers in Canada and the USA.

  • Pedestals
  • Decking Boards
  • Installation Accessories
  • Care Accessories
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Representative office GS Götz Schmitt Asia

Thirty years ago, a small fishing village with 1200 inhabitants, Shenzhen, located in the neighborhood of Hong Kong, has developed into a city of 30 million people. From here we look after our customers in China and other parts of Asia with our employees.

For 20 years we have built up a stable network to industry and trade customers, especially in China – mutual trust also forms the basis of our success.

For customers who want to open up the sales market in China, we offer a platform. We offer performance-related quality controls on behalf of our customers for ordered goods or procurement services for international customers and importers.

11C-7A Kaixuancheng Xin’an West Rd.
Baoan District, Shenzhen City
518100 Guangdong, China

Leitung: Dr Xie Xiaocong

GS - Götz Schmitt Logo
[ What we are standing for ]


Establish bamboo as a climate-friendly material


Develop climate-neutral products


CO² reduction with climate-friendly mobility of employees

CO² reduction
klimafreundliche Mobilität

Compliance with the UN Social Charter, no child labor, fair wages

Social justice
soziale Gerechtigkeit

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, that's why we use bamboo for many products.

Conserving raw materials

Moving forward, realizing our ideas in line with our goals

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