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GS Götz Schmitt

GS Götz Schmitt Company with limited liability is an owner-managed group of companies with international branches, representative offices and subsidiaries.

With continuity and reliability in our trade relations, openness and curiosity we are constantly developing new business and product fields. Thereby, we are constantly looking for new suitable partners and, in the case of promising companies, also for the possibility of a silent or active participation.

[ What we are standing for ]


Establish bamboo as a climate-friendly material


Develop climate-neutral products

Climate neutral

CO² reduction with climate-friendly mobility of employees

CO² reduction
klimafreundliche Mobilität

Compliance with the UN Social Charter, no child labor, fair wages

Social justice
soziale Gerechtigkeit

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, that's why we use bamboo for many products.

Conserving raw materials

Moving forward, realizing our ideas in line with our goals

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